The Company

 IMPRENDO ITALIA is one of the forerunners in quality construction. Imprendo Italia has taken over the building and refurbishment branch of Edilderdes, and has taken on board their human resources, management team and common goal of excellence. When an entrepreneur, such as Stefano De Rossi, is determined to continue a family company which has been enthusiastically involved in the construction industry for over three generations, expectations run high. Imprendo Italia was conceived with the aim of streamlining company operations and decision making processes, with a view to an ever more horizontal company focussing on quality of work, precision and agreed time-scales. These apparently commonplace details set a company above the others in terms of the quality it offers. This is the innovation brought by Imprendo Italia, a company that is involved in diverse types of contruction work, both public and private, from hotels, historical heritage buildings, hospitals and MEP systems to real estate. The range of certification Imprendo Italia holds guarantees efficacious, efficient results. The company holds Uni En Iso 9001-2008 certification, Uni En Iso 14001-2004 environmental regulatory certification, Uni En Iso 18001-2007 safety certification, numerous SOA certificates including Milan Certiquality 's planning and excellence certification, SOA certification for public and industrial buildings, the restoration and refurbishment of historical listed buildings, decorative surfaces, artistic and historical heritage and both industrial and public MEP systems. Many high profile clients, both international and Italian, have entrusted Imprendo Italia with their construction and restoration projects, from ministers and local authorities, to embassies, religious organisations and The Vatican City. These include Baglioni Hotels Spa, Sina Hotels Spa, Tarhouse Management Limited, Ciga Hotels Spa, Starwood Hotels Spa, Carlyle Group Spa, Banca Popolare di Lodi, Provincia Italiana della Congregazione dei Figli dell'Immacolata Concezione, the Governor of the Vatican City State, the Ministry for Infrastructures and Transport, Rome County Council, Toyota Spa, Tim Spa and the American Embassy. A particular section of the company is devoted to real estate, with investments in both Italy and abroad, focussing on improving quality of life without impairing the surrounding environment. Imprendo Italia aims to elevate its position both in Italy and abroad as a top-quality, highlycertified, reliable partner in all sectors of construction. Read on to see concrete evidence of the brilliant results which Edliderdes has obtained, and proof of the Imprendo Italia team's extreme professional competence.